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coordinate the investigation with the coast guard as well. looking into a number of things, human error perhaps is one of the theories into why the 752-foot tanker struck a tower of the bay bridge as it was leaving yesterday. now, the good news, cal trans is saying the bridge structure itself is fine. some fenders broke off down below. the tanker was empty. so no oil spill. that according to the coast guard. the pilot has been identified from san francisco. i wanted to bring it back live. here with me this morning is lieutenant commander rick foster of the coast guard. good morning. >> morning. >> what's been going on thus far this morning with the investigation? >> the investigation is ongoing. we've interviewed a number of key personnel for the safe operation and navigation of the vessel. and we've conducted some alcohol and drug testing which is standard procedure. our marine inspectors are on the vessel doing structural integrity-type testing as well as our investigators are on
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board the vessel right now conducting interviews with the crew and just gathering as much data as possible. >> reporter: one of the things we heard yesterday is that visibility may have been a factor, it was reduced to maybe quarter of a mile. how do you look into that as a factor? >> we want to first determine what the visibility was. and of course the investigation will help with that. but that said, visibility as you know in the bay area here could always be a challenge. these vessels are pretty technically advanced with radar and navigation equipment. so much like you might land an airplane in reduced visibility, sometimes these vessels can travel in limited visibility as well. >> reporter: and can you share with us anything of the interview with the pilot and what things might be going on there? >> well, not exactly. there is obviously going to be an interview with the pilot. he is one of the many interviews that we will be conducting. but the details of that, no, not at this time we can't share any of those. >> reporter: how long do you expect this investigation to
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take? when do you think you might figure out this is what went wrong? >> well, the investigation itself will take months. i really don't have a timeline for that. ntsb has announced they're going to come join us. and we welcome their support. we work hand-in-hand with them quite often. >> reporter: how long will the ship be out here? >> the captain of the port has put a hold on it. so while we investigate all the issues, it will remain here until we can determine what the next step would be. and if during the course of this investigation it says we should move it or do something different with it, then we will. we'll proceed that way. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. i know you just stepped out of your car. i appreciate you taking the time. again, i wanted to have you see what it looks like out there. we've seen some crews going around it. we've seen some boats out there as well this morning. we also had some information there were some published reports this morning about that pilot that he had some issues in
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the past. that according to state records that show he ran aground in sacramento in a shipping channel in 2009. there was another incident at a catwalk in stockton we have heard about in 2010 according to records. a tug boat that he was sailing ran aground in richmond. but again, at this point still don't know but they're telling us that the investigation of course is well underway. that's the latest from here. reporting live on treasure island, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. the crash all too familiar after the massive costco container ship crashed into a bay bridge tower about five years ago though on a much lesser scale. that crash of course led to an environmental disaster. it smashed into the delta tower, which is located next to the echo tower which was hit yesterday. the crash spilled 53,000 gallons of oil into the bay. investigators determined the pilot was impaired by
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prescription drugs. he served ten months behind bars and had his pilot license revoked. today an autopsy filed for a teen found dead in lake tahoe. apparently got lost on new year's eve after leaving the snow globe music festival in south lake tahoe. it was less than ten degrees out that night. a utility worker eventually found burns' body on the side of the road days later. tests now will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system at the time of death. investigators do not at this time suspect foul play. in san francisco a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire is now under arrest. officers and u.s. marshals found 22-year-old dexter oliver at an oakland hotel yesterday. meantime, 25-year-old star lamar remains in critical condition at the burn unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver doused lamar with gasoline and set her
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on fire after she broke up with him on sunday. well, the fbi's evidence response team now heading back to a farm out in linden this morning digging for more victims of the so-called speed freak killers. crews are spending the morning excavating an old well there. that site is near an abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. investigators think the bodies are linked to lauren herzog nicknamed the speed free killers for a drug fueled spree during the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide last year. investigators say it will take up to three weeks to hand sift through that soil. this morning, a family is learning who may have killed a 21-year-old woman almost 30 years ago. the body was found in a dumpster in back of the bailey park plaza shopping center in mountain view january 28, 1985.
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mountain view police arrest eed garcia after being caught by the district attorney's crime lab developed a profile from the fingernails and matched them to garcia. >> it's a big relief because we were wondering always who's the one that killed her. >> friends say the family did not know garcia and they still want to know why she was killed. garcia has been booked on suspicion of murder. we have a warning right now for gilroy. there may be a child predator on the loose in that area this morning. police alerting parents after a strange man in a green minivan offered an 11-year-old girl a ride. this all happened december 30th right near -- see the rainbow -- next to the rainbow park. police say when another car approached the man and young girl, that van just sped off. police say they're right now looking for a 2000 model chevy
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astro van. it is forest green in color. a reprieve for the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary. a judge says the landlords of harbor sign san jose and oakland locations have no right to force the dispensaries out. last year a u.s. attorney threatened to seize the properties because they rented to cannabis operations. the judge also scheduled a hearing for january 31st on the city of oakland's lawsuit against the federal government. the city is suing to help keep harbor side open. the california public utilities commission discussing the fate of a nuclear power station on the central coast today. the plant has been shut down almost a year now after a pipe sprang a leak and then released radioactive steam into the air. the utilities commission has been investigating that plant to try to determine when or if it's safe to reopen. the commission will discuss the investigation today. several environmental groups planning a demonstration outside of that meeting to oppose the
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reopening of the plant. >> well, i don't know about you, but i can get used to these afternoon temperatures. >> i like it a lot. >> right. >> it's so nice out there. you really want to take advantage of it, marla and john, because tomorrow at this time we are going to be struggling to break out of the 30s. so enjoy. we're close to 60 degrees in some cities right now. beautiful live look over san francisco. a thick layer of haze. spare the air day. remind everybody about that. but look at where your temperatures are. you're at 57 in sunnyvale. 52 in san francisco headed towards daytime highs close to 70 degrees in some cities. we have an air quality alert to tell you about. unhealthy levels of pollutants, that's ground pollution in the south bay. keep that in mind. try to limit your activity even though it is so nice if you suffer from respiratory issues or asthma. temperatures tumble tomorrow, we get overcast and cold. and then on thursday morning when we meet back here we could be tracking some very rare bay area snow potentially below
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1,000 feet. that means the highest peaks of san francisco fair game. how's that for a tease? >> you know what i like is mother nature sneaking a little belated christmas gift for us today. we'll take it, right? >> exactly. >> check back with you in a minute. thank you, christina. president obama meets with leon panetta today. but it's the man he wants to replace panetta who could stir up things on capitol hill. nbc bay area's traciepotts has more on how the cia could prompt the next big fight among lawmakers. >> reporter: protests outside the white house questioning whether john brennan spoke out loudly enough against controversial interrogation tactics. that's why brennan dropped out last time he was considered to head the cia. this time he's courting both sides. >> although i consider myself neither a republican nor a democrat, i very much look forward to working closely with those on both sides of the
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aisle. >> reporter: but brennan's confirmation may not be as tough as chuck hagel's for secretary of defense. >> mr. president, i will always give you my most honest and most informed -- >> as a successful businessman, he also knows even as we make tough fiscal choices, we have to do so wisely. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are concerned hagel is soft on iran and too to have on our ally, israel. >> he's had a record of distinguished service, but he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today. >> reporter: hagel insists his views have been completely distorted. he's also under fire for criticizing a clinton nominee as "openly aggressively gay." >> it's dangerous to roll the dice on this issue. >> reporter: all questions lawmakers are eager to ask when confirmation hearings get underway. but hagel did get a high profile endorsement from former secretary of state general colin
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powell. powell says he's independent, bold and thinks outside the box. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. thank you very much. still ahead at 11:00, the study that has big brother tracking you and your car. why some people say this one's an invasion of privacy. and the giants' world series trophies go on tour. we'll let you know how you can follow when and where it's going to be next. they're showing off a television four times as good as the one you own at c.e.s. why it doesn't really matter, coming up.
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new this morning, a man linked to the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, has been released from behind bars. a judge in tunisia has now ruled there is not enough evidence to hold him in custody. u.s. officials accusing him of being a member of a terrorist organization. the investigation into that attack has stalled in libya because of the weak power of the
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central government in the face of powerful militias. u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens along with three other americans died in the attack that took place last september. well, what's happening in las vegas is most certainly not staying in las vegas. scott mcgrew has the latest on the consumer electronics show. >> reporter: good morning. c.e.s. really has been going on since sunday nugtd with all kinds of keynotes and announcements. the real deal gets underway this morning with the action on the floor. tens of thousands of people checking out the latest in gadget ri. now, tvs tend to occupy a lot of floor space and press from c.e.s. several tv makers announcing ultrahigh high definition television, four times as good as the hd tv you just bought. now, the problem with these new formats though is it's not what the hardware makers can do but what the content makers can do.
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in other words, you can have a megaultrasuper duper high def television, but if nobody's shooting shows in that format, what are you going to watch? one thing you will hear you won't hear from apple, though apple is part of the consumer electronics association, it doesn't take part in the show. back to you. >> all right. scott, thanks so much. well, the san francisco giants are kicking off the new year with a special thanks to its fans with a victory tour. >> this is very cool. starting today outside sacramento city hall, the team will start a tour -- a victory tour of its 2012 and 2010 world series trophies. this is video here of a recent visit right here to our newsroom. yeah. big wooly style getting love with the trophy. fans getting a chance to take pictures with that trophy for the next several months this tour will wind its way throughout northern california and parts of oregon and arizona. >> if you want to see the trophy tour schedule, log onto our website, and
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search world series trophy tour. >> classic trophy. beautiful thing. unlike the stanley cup, you can't pour beer in it and drink out of it. still a beautiful thing. >> i still like my pick with it. >> yeah. great christmas card. >> meteorologist christina loren, you're wearing giant colors. >> indeed. trying to get them off to a good start into 2013. hopefully we can acquire three world series trophies. looking good this morning. still thick haze overhead. keep that in mind mostly in the south bay. filtered sunshine for today, but offshore flow is keeping the marine layer out to sea. so for us clear conditions prevail right now all the way from pacifica to san rafel. all the sunshine is going to warm your temperatures close to 70 in places like gilroy. around 64 degrees in los gatos. as we head throughout the next couple days, we have an area of
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low pressure trying to move into the north bay. and as of tomorrow night we could be seeing our first shower. so seize the day becoming nice and sunny as of now. spare the air alert in place for today likely getting better air quality tomorrow with the stronger on shore flow. let's walk you through your futurecast. stop the clock for you. when we meet back here tomorrow, we're still going to be tracking low clouds and drizzle. and i think over the course of the night hours that's when we're going to start to get our first showers up in the north bay, but not expecting much. this is kind of a moisture-starved system. but what it is packing is some really cold air. and temperatures are going to be cold enough 6:00 a.m. thursday you can see where those light cells are located over the peninsula, cold enough for snow to drop below 1,000 feet. so that's what we're watching for though we're not expecting much in terms of precipitation. this is what we could see though. highway 17, the base to the mountains, maybe a dusting of snow. keep this in mind, but overall the big weather story is the major whiplash that you're going to experience in terms of
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temperatures between today and tomorrow. 65 today, down to 54 tomorrow. by thursday very rare chance for some various area snow if everything times out just perfectly, we're going to be here watching that for you. into the weekend temperatures stay steady in the mid-50s. on sunday maybe a stray shower, but nothing heavy. as we head throughout the next couple days, the storm track mostly stays north of the bay area. back to you john and marla. >> sounds good. coming up at 11:00, it's no movie. real life wedding crashers. how their first day as man and wife almost became their last. >> man, that's going to leave a mark. and olympic gold medalist is diving right into reality tv. which breakout star the london games will be giving you a glimpse of his everyday life and pecks.
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welcome back. a new traffic study that highlights the worst commutes in the bay area is raising some eyebrows. the study out of uc berkeley and m.i.t. says the four most congested areas are 101 in south san jose, 101 through san raefl and 680 through san ramon. people aren't shocked, it's how researchers found their results. for the first time researchers tracked drivers anonymously using cell phone gps technology. the study was done over a three-week period. more than 350,000 drivers participated without even knowing it. and this is rubbing some people the wrong way. >> like the strips on the road, they can count what the counts are. i don't know. like i said, i don't want to be tracked personally. my business is my business. where i'm going and what i'm doing is my own thing.
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>> the researchers say if you were tracked anonymously, your driving pattern will be kept confidential. well, oracle's sailing team finally getting its wings back today. the new wing from the team's 72-foot racing catamaran will be delivered this afternoon. that wing was shredded when the catamaran capsized during a training run on the bay as the team got ready for the america's cup race. but the damaged boat not oracle's only hurdle to overcome. the u.s. team i guess with an international panel finding it guilty of spying on an italian racing team during a practice run in new zealand. now the oracle team will have to pay a $15,000 fine and forfeit five sailing practice days. getting married up in the clouds, up in the sky, sounds romantic, doesn't it? >> it does. >> right up there by heaven. >> sounds scary too. a san diego couple decided to exchange their vows in a hot air balloon. just seconds later a sudden gust of wind drags the newlyweds off
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course. that has to hurt. the balloon bounces and crashes down hard in a cluster of trees and then gets caught on a housekeeping it from being picked up again from those strong winds. luckily only one person suffered a minor injury. despite the hiccup, the bride and groom seem to be in good spirits. let's hope that that's not a sign of what's to come. >> i pray for them that it's not. you've been on a hot air balloon. you said it's rough. >> it is scary. i had a hard landing. >> you weren't getting married, were you? >> no. >> when we return, reality tv goes gold, as in olympic gold. >> which breakout star of the 2012 london games is diving into his own show.
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move over honey boo boo. >> it's fun to say. >> no kidding.
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now you can add olympic gold medalist ryan lochte -- >> honey boo boo. you want me to get this? >> yes. >> now you can add ryan lochte to the list of reality tv stars. the 28-year-old is a swimmer, right? gold medalist in the olympics. he's got a show called "what would ryan lochte do". >> you've got to be kidding me. >> how he's getting ready for the next olympics and developing his own fashion line. this on top of media appearances and going shirtless and dealing with family and friends and searching for a girlfriend, if you recall lochte's actually a pretty good swimmer. won five medals including two gold at the 2012 london games. the show will debut in april. feature all sorts of lochtisms including his catch phrase. >> i think he should just keep it in the pool. thanks for being with us. join us tonight.
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what class do you wanna take? oh, anything that doesn't have the word "strip," "salsa," or "beatz" with a z in the name of it. cardio hip-hop groove it is then. hey, what's up? hey! nothing, just... going into the same class you're going into. cool. hey, i hope i don't sweat on you. you can sweat on me. this is my girlfriend, liz lemler. hi! that's liz lemon. oh, the girl who got my flowers. yes. hope you enjoyed them. i did--actually, i finally just threw them out this morning 'cause they got that really bad flower smell. i kind of couldn't stop smelling them. (woman) advanced hip-hop! you ready, here we go! here we go, take it-- five, six, seven, and... one, huh! hup, yeah! uh! whoo! turn it! don't give up, ponytail. come on, you got this. come on, girl.

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